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intentionally awesome.

With so much new going on with Same Tree lately, I'm excited to get back in the groove of sharing with you all the excitement.

We have always been about showcasing know...the amazing skilled craftsmen that do their thing in this country without sometimes getting the spotlight they deserve. Mass production has got most us trapped in trance. The lure of instant gratification and cheap price tags can be just too appealing for most. Because of this, these artists sometimes go overlooked, and that is just a crying shame.

I think all of us would agree that we crave to fill our lives with more substantial, more meaningful, MORE BEAUTIFUL things. Our throw away fashion that outfits everything from our jewelry to our ikea dinnerware sets are becoming tired...and frankly leave us feeling empty somehow. I believe we're ready for more, and now we're ready to stand up and start intentionally deciding to only include awesomeness in the way we outfit our lives.

This is why I thought today, I would start sharing many of the brands that are right here in America creating some of the most stunning products. These are the things that never leave you with buyers remorse, and these are the companies that we crave to champion. These are products that not only exude fresh design, but are made hand....the way that awesome things are. 1. Primative Reserve ( )

These are some of the most amazing modern wooden home pieces you'll find out there. They're both fresh and fun, and also natural and earthy.

This is a great brand creating graphic shaped jewelry with gorgeous woods. Everything feels very cool while still keeping that "hand-made" feel.

3. The Analog Watch Co. (www. )

You gotta love these watches. Simple, chic, hand made modern.

They are made in Philadelphia by guys who care about truly making amazing wooden watches. This is the first 100% wooden watch strap. Looks nice, right?

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