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This is where tradition gets a face lift.


Since it's Halloween, and there is so much out there in black, I thought I'd bring some light back to today and talk about the opposite. White.

White lace is the perfect example of a fashion trend that always comes back. There is no denying it’s beauty, though some of us probably have a lingering distaste for it due to past trends. To be honest, I was one of those people…until I started seeing some of the new lace beauties walking down the runway at the recent Spring 2015 Paris fashion week. This number from Givenchy is a show stopper, and makes me think it is the perfect way to satisfy good girls and bad girls alike (leather + lace).

What is exciting is that this trend will look just as great indoors. There are so many ways to integrate it into interiors that feel both modern and fresh. Here are some examples that I loved…

(photo from the Givenchy Paris Fashion Week Spring 2015; from )

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