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This is how to make your life styled, not just your wardrobe.

Get jewelry that transforms your look, and your space.

Premiering the first piece in the new

Same Tree jewelry collection // The Refracted Right 

with a limited time pre-order offer for

Same Tree fans for 1 week only.

with the first access discount.


Get the complete set //

The Geo Jewel Double Ring and Shadow Gallery


Inspired by the geometric shapes of raw gemstones.

Wear it, and adorn your space with it.

This is modern in a natural way.


Giving you much more than just a new piece of jewelry...




  • Supports American expert artisans.  Every piece is custom built by artisans such as Bradford General with premium woods and resins for beauty and comfort. Designed for everyday wear to last for years to come.


  • Becomes a great statement piece making any outfit from jeans to evening wear remarkable.


  • Instantly adds an unforgettable touch to any space as modern art. Specialty Shadow Galleries are built for showcasing your piece when you're not wearing it. Hang it on a wall, stand it on your dresser.

Want to have first access to the rest of the collection?

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fashion + interior = same tree

© 2013 by SAME TREE. All rights reserved, Photography by Darrin Hackney

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