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This isn't just bespoke furniture, lighting and home decor. This is art for everyday life.


One can't help but notice, that the majority of options for furniture, lighting and home decor all seem to look the same. For the most part, to me the designs seem simplistic, plain, and ordinary. 


...but you aren't ordinary, so why should your space look like it?


We create exclusive home collections for people who look to adorn their spaces in the same authentic, uniquely artistic way that they do themselves.  


We help the create spaces that truly reflect who they are through bespoke furniture, lighting, and home decor.




We help you create stories, not just furnish your house.

We believe that bringing focus back to the hand crafted art of makers will not only bring to you a product of exquisite quality, but also a product that serves a larger purpose. We believe that our pieces can help you create stories to be passed on for years to come. Our table may be the table that you have family dinners at every night, or they may be the statement piece that guests can't stop talking about. We believe our craft becomes your meaningful art piece in a way that mainstream furniture never can.



Made with love.

On top of it all, every piece is touched by the two of us. We believe our call is to create beauty for the world together. 



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