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not your grandma's pearls // fashion meets interior trends 2014 / 2015

9.15.2014 These are not your Grandma’s pearls. If you’ve seen anything fashion related in the last few months, you’ve seen the resurgence of pearls. Quite simply, they are everywhere, and they are taking on a new level of gorgeous that can’t be compared to the pearls we know from traditions past. The pearls of the moment are here to make a statement. They are big, bold, asymmetrical, and modern. It was plain to see from Chanel’s Spring 2014 Runway that we were going to be seeing this fresh take everywhere. No longer when we refer to pearl jewelry will you be thinking of Grandma’s old (but beautiful) pearl necklace, or the weekend adornment for the country club types. Pearls are back, and they are the new statement of the latest and greatest ultra-feminine jewelry and home decor.

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