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the remake of classic.


As we always know, what goes around comes around. Eventually, some form of that fashion trend you loved back in the day will once again make a come back. We love that feeling of rediscovering a fashion highlight and dusting it off for a new life. Classics always have this sort of allure. Even if we have to wait awhile, we’re always excited to see our favorites come back. Lately I've found myself thinking about many of the classic remakes out there.

Of course the first place you always see a revitalized classic is in the denim world. Oh the denim world....ever changing, yet always the same. Styles and washes come and go and then come back again so fast that we almost have whiplash.

It's like we have an ongoing love hate relationship with our jeans. One day we love the broken in, holed up boyfriend styles, and the next we can't bear to be seen in public wearing anything but raw, clean, dark washed styles. This is ok though, because in a matter of few seasons, we'll be right back to our first loves. For example, check out these great cut off vintage Levis on The Atelier's Patricia Manfeild. Absolutely amazing. I think this style is much better this time around.

I can't help but see the same effect in some of our beloved interior classics. This forever classic sofa from Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply collection is a perfect example. Classic shape, classic fabric...though not necessarily classic for interior. Also, another traditional home decor piece meets fashion is the upcycled denim rug. I love that Nudie jeans upcycles their worn out denim pieces into rugs. Very chic without trying too hard. This is a fun way to bring in some classic charm without being too stuffy.

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