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Natural chandeliers made with sculpted and preserved tumbleweeds by Same Tree. Modern designed lighting with a natural touch.



native chandelier

it is bright on the horizon.



The native is the perfect balance between modern design and rustic nature.


- NATURE PRESERVED IN ENAMEL. Every chandelier is one of kind. Each begins with a sculpted, preserved, and completely enameled tumbleweed as its frame. Nestled in its branches are 5 sockets for vintage style Edison bulbs or modern round milk glass bulbs. With either choice, beautiful unique shadows are guaranteed. The cord is completely encased using a hand wrapped manilla rope in the original Same Tree pattern.



From the initial tumbleweed sculpting, to the electrical wiring, every chandelier is constructed artfully, and carefully by hand. In order to strengthen each piece, and insure safety, Same Tree utilizes fire resistant technology throughout the build. This includes meticulous preservation and coating techniques.

-  Approximately 4 ft L x  2 ft H (Because each piece is unique, dimensions vary slightly. custom options available upon request)

-  HUNG WITH 2 ROPE CORDS for wrapping around beams and swagging as shown. (Upon request the piece can be prepared for hardwiring with canopies.)

Starting at $3,455 +

Our lighting is made to order in Kansas in approximately six weeks. There are many options for customization to create the perfect piece for your home. Please contact us via email for pricing and inquiries.

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