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Fashion inspired geometric modern coffee table and bench. Custom made by American Artisans.

We believe great style shouldn't stop with your wardrobe.

The founder, blonde bombshell, and head designer, Nicole Wolf believes that fashion shouldn’t stop with your how you dress. She believes you should adorn your life in the same way you do yourself. Your favorite pair of jeans or piece of jewelry always exudes real beauty since they are inherently “you”. How you decide to style yourself always has personal meaning. Why shouldn’t your space have the same meaningful, authentic style?


With fast fashion, and mass produced pieces in abundance, she looks to give interior design a custom designer touch that seems to be missing. Designing specialty pieces is definitely her forte. She comes from a background in fashion design in both NYC and LA, for major labels such as Donna Karan, and Victoria’s Secret. It’s no wonder that Same Tree’s designs are modern with an air of high fashion.



Live your style.

This is where fashion meets interior design.



Custom made is something to be treasured

when it comes to your wardrobe…

though when it comes to the same meaningful style for your home...

it seems the right pieces are elusive and rare.



This is why we bring you custom made,

modern designed,

lifestyle pieces

to adorn yourself,

and your home.


Same Tree Circle Light table LED lamp

"Adorn your life the way you do yourself...
intentionally and beautifully."

-Designer, Nicole Boles

She believes we can live beautifully, while helping other live beautifully as well. Because of this, she is committed to giving back by contributing a portion Same Tree's profits towards building decent housing for families in need through Habitat for Humanity.

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