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#hashtags // for better or worse.


Whether we love them or hate them, hashtags are a big part of our online fashion lives. This is how we talk about fashion….

And this is why we’ve decided to take the latest most popular fashion week hashtags, and turn them into our latest pendant lights. An in honor of their debut on the ST website/ shop, we thought we’d do a little digging into what the big deal is all about.

According to the latest info, hashtags are getting even more popular. The last New York Fashion week Spring/ Summer 2015 shows more than doubled Instagram use as compared to only one season before. Here are some of the latest numbers. To those of us who spent fashion week scouring our phones for the latest and greatest, it’s no surprise that hashtags are an important part of being in the know…let alone just part of the language we use to talk about glamourous things.

If you’ve ever wondered where all this started (like I most certainly have), here are some little known fun facts about hashtags.

(info from Curalte; , and Instagram)

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