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  • The Horizontal Native Chandelier is our most lengthy version in the Native collection. Featuring 5 Edison bulb sockets in nestled in a sculpted, preserved tumbleweed. Cording is carefully hand wrapped using the signature Same Tree technique in manila rope. Roped cording has been created for ease of draping or artfully curling on the floor.

    the native horizontal chandelier

    • SIZE // The chandelier is approximately 2 3/4 ft by 3 1/4 ft. Sizes vary slightly depending on the tumbleweed. Customization is provided to create the perfectly sized piece for your space.

      CORDING // Manila wrapped cording/ rope is 16 ft for ease of draping or curling. Has a white or black vintage style plug for standard U.S. outlet use. This piece can be customized for any type of installation needed, please reach out to us with your specific needs.

      LIGHTING // Light bulb is not included. All Edison socket bulbs can be used under 60 watts, though 40 watt bulbs are recommended.

      SAFETY // Through use of fire resistant coatings, the tumbleweed has been preserved and made fire resistant. Electrical components used are UL approved.
      DURABILITY // All pieces are hand made, and have been strengthened to improve durability. Even so, these are fragile pieces of art. Because of the inherent qualities of tumbleweeds, a very small amount of tiny twig breakage is expected. This will NOT affect the look of the piece, and will not be noticeable. Tumbleweeds were made to roll across the plains of the Midwest, and are in general very durable.
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