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  • The Circle Light is the new table lamp. With over 50,000 hrs of guaranteed low heat, eco-friendly LED lighting, the circle light is a very practical piece of lighting art. This piece is hand crafted from a one of a kind piece of reclaimed wood. 

    Circle Light

    • SIZE // Approximately 8" in diameter and 4" in depth. Sizes vary slightly depending on material used. Customization options on wood type and size are available upon request.
      FINISH // lights are preserved, then coated in a satin finish for a natural look.
      LED LIGHTS // lighting is guaranteed for up to 50,000 hrs of use. low heat, no infrared, no UV
      CORDING // vintage style fabric wrapped cording in black.
      Standard LED converter 12 watt converter black plug. For standard U.S. outlet use.
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