After seeing an article on top minimalist kitchen and bath designs featured on Interior Design, I started to think about what statement this aesthetic is making in today's fashion and interior design. It used to be that when we heard "minimal", we immediately thought of descripters like "cold", "white", and possibly even "boring". If you're still on that train of thought, please give me a chance to show you the new side of minimalism. Check out some highlights below. Enjoy!

I’m finding that those who truly embrace minimalism are usually the same people that are willing to take the time to stop and find the beauty in things that tend to be overlooked. After all, with the focus being on less….there is in fact, less to look at. This means detail becomes key, and no detail is ever overlooked. These are the same people that will always appreciate a simple Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress. Simplistic in style, but the wow factor is always in the detail…such as a wild print or fabric.

Some things, no matter how common in form will always be of significance, and most importantly…they will always have to power to stand alone. One doesn’t necessarily need an assortment of accessories for a classic wrap dress to look good.

This leads me to think about how minimalism has evolved throughout fashion in general. In looking back at the 90’s for example, you can’t skim the genre without seeing iconic minimalist styles donning supermodels from Calvin Klein, or Helmut Lang.  Minimalism from this era doesn’t seem too far from that of today. Simple, and yet definitely making a statement.

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